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Logo Quiz is one of the latest mobile games that hit the market. Although it may have a lot of similarities between other titles in terms of game play, it offers other nifty elements like a more expansive content, and better user-friendly features.

With a creative team of expert developers, this mobile title is definitely one of the most addicting digital quizzes that you will ever try. This article will list the top 10 facts that you should know before playing it.

1. Logos Quiz is a quiz-type app. There are a bunch of company brands on the screen and your main objective is to identify the names of each one. The challenge here is that every logo has a missing component. For example, the Barbie symbol only appears as a capital “B,” while the Nissan logo is missing its iconic letterings.

2. This game is compatible with various Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. However, it is more optimized for the iPhone 5, which means that it runs better on that device. In addition, players also need to upgrade their iOS to version 6.0 or its latest counterpart in order to run the game.

3. Unlike other games, it does not offer rich, 3D visuals. However, its beauty lies in its very neat yet colorful design. Thanks to its sans serif typeface, it is easier to read the text on the screen. There are also limited amount of on-screen buttons which provides users with a pleasant gaming experience. The virtual keyboard is large enough to accommodate players with stubby fingers. In addition, they are very responsive, making it easier to type the correct spelling of the logo you are guessing.

4. Be careful when you type the logo’s name. If you want to grab the top score, make sure that you correctly spell the name of the brand. You lose a lot of points if you keep tapping the wrong letters.

5. The game is composed of eight levels. During the first few stages, expect that you will encounter brands that are very easy to recognize. But as you traverse into the higher stages, the icons suddenly become harder to recognize. Each logo has very few distinct features. So if you have not yet seen this company’s brand, it might become impossible for you to solve it.

6. Game was developed by AticoD Entertainment S.L, an entertainment company from Pamplona, Spain. They were also the developers behind other successful and highly-entertaining games such as Flags Quiz and Sports Quiz. The former got 3,000,000 downloads while the latter achieved 500,000. Because they are already adept at developing fun quiz-type games for the mobile platform, expect that Logo Quiz will be as amazing as the other two apps.

7. If you are stuck with a very hard brand name, Logo Quiz offers several ways for you to solve it. The first one is the hint system. If you tap the hints button, the app will provide you with bits and pieces of trivia that will help you recognize the logo. Each hint consumes a certain amount of coins. If you ran out of coins, you cannot access this feature. Thankfully, you can collect more by answering the next set of logos correctly, or by using real money through in-app purchases (IAP).

8. Another way to seek help is through social media. This quiz-type app allows its players to access their Facebook and Twitter account so that they may ask their friends or followers about the right answer. The game automatically saves your username and password so you will not need to type it every time you use this social media feature.

9. If you are feeling highly competitive, the Logo Quiz records your game stats so you can track your progress and see your hits and misses. You can share these data over at Facebook and Twitter. You can also compete with millions of players worldwide through its online leader board. Lastly, you can unlock various achievements once you identified a specific number of logos.

10. This quiz-type app has over 1,000 company brands to guess. With this voluminous amount of content, answering each of them might be a very difficult work to do. Thankfully, the Logo Quiz Answers can be searched online and here on our site. All they have to do is visit the website to see all the names of every company brand that was featured in the mobile game.

To wrap things up

If you are looking for a new quiz game that will challenge your memory, then you should definitely play Logo Quiz and get help for game. It has all the good points of a great mobile game such as challenging levels, easy-to-use features, and a lot of content to play with. If you have tried this gamebefore, drop by the comments section and share your experiences with other mobile gamers.